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HydroVision is a complete, fully integrated hydraulic package, power unit and control system developed in cooperation with Bucher Hydraulics. There are four different types of HydroVison, click below for more info on each type. The HydroVision can be fitted on modernisations as well as new lifts. The smart valve iValve have a self teaching function ”iTeach” which constantly monitors pressure, flow and temperature to be able to optimize the travel time and minimize heat loss at all times.

Common to all four types:
  • KiLine Vision control system.
  • Bucher Hydraulics iValve self teaching valve.
  • Optimized for every single lift.
  • KiSc:A3 built in the controller as detecting device according to EN81-2:A3.
  • Integrated A3 function (stopping device) in the valve.
  • Flow optimization within the valve for lower sound level and less heat losses.
  • Relevelling with open doors as standard
  • Safeline emergency telephone.
  • Intercom telephone machineroom-car and/or pit.
  • Automatic evacuation unit. Automatically runs the lift too lowest floor and opens the doors at power failure.
  • Carrying handles for easier transports on site.
  • Wireless installation drive.
  • Remote- control/monitoring via KiGate and Cloud.
  • KiCrc crush risk control unit according to EN81-21.
  • Card reader access control interface.
We also have a complete assortemt of accessories to HydroVision such as hydraulic hoses, rupture valves, oil coolers, couplings, cylinders etc.